“After working with Tommi, our home feels more welcoming to friends and family.  The rooms in our house are more organized and functional, and we definitely have less clutter.  We now actually enjoy sitting in our living room instead of using it as a passageway!  Tommi’s recommendations changed the way we live in our house and use our space.” Terri Higgs


“Our home feels more relaxed.  You notice it as soon as you walk in the door.  I am amazed how subtle changes can make such a big difference.  Tommi has a fine understanding of how to create ideal living places.”  Mitchell and Minh Mark


“My two little boys had been suffering through countless respiratory illnesses, and my wife and I had more bouts of illness than ever before.  Tommi did a very through interview and evaluation of our home.  After making the recommended changes, I am happy to say that our overall health has improved.  We are no longer overwhelmed by illnesses and the stress that accompanies sick kids!  Our financial “health” has improved as well.”  Ian B.


“I have to admit that I was rather skeptical about feng shui at first.  I started reading up on feng shui, and guess what?  It actually made a lot of sensible sense!  Tommi really made me feel that she was oozing good chi into my space, and she explained everything as she did it.  All is well at the restaurant; not only does it look great, but it also functions beautifully.  I absolutely recommend Tommi.”  Miranda Kaiser, Cosmo Café


“Tommi developed a balanced, healthy environment for my new physical therapy clinic, including assisting with the architectural plans, choosing paint colors and furniture placement.  Since opening, our business has been much more successful than we had anticipated.  After only four months in business, we have already hired a new employee.  One of the most common comments made about the clinic is how good it feels.” Helen Washecheck, Physical Therapy of Tulsa


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