Feng Shui, developed more than 3000 years ago in China,
is based on the Taoist vision that nature and the land are alive
and filled with Ch’i, or energy.
  Through this ancient healing art,
Feng Shui reveals how to balance the energies of a given space assuring
health and good fortune for everyone who lives or works in that space.

Classical Feng Shui consultant and designer, Tommi Cox-Phipps is ready
to help you improve the energy of your home or business and bring more
stability and success to your life as a whole.

Tommi Cox-Phipps performs an in-depth analysis of your home
or business and assesses features in your environment that are not
conducive to prosperity and well-being. Her work includes residential,
commercial and landscape design, in accordance with Feng Shui
principles, and performing blessing ceremonies for events and spaces.


918. 289. 1803 • fengshuinow@att.net
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